69th International Convention inYokohama,Japan,2010
Out Line of IC 2010 大会の概要
Date : 5th (Thu) – 8th (Sun) August 2010
Venue : Pacifico Yokohama
Hotels : Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel,
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel etc.
Registration fee : Japanese JY55,000- (early bird : JY50,000)
Sponsor : Japan East Region
Sub Sponsor : Japan West Region
Host Districts : all the 7 districts within Japan East Region
Convention Theme : “From Our Hands, We Pass Nature’s Torch”
日程 : 2010年8月5日(木)~8日(日)
会場 : パシフィコ横浜
宿泊 : ヨコハマグランドインターコンチネンタルホテル
登録費 : 55,000円 (早期登録:50,000円)
スポンサー : 東日本区
サブスポンサー : 西日本区
ホスト : 東日本区全7部
大会テーマ : “From Our Hands, We Pass Nature’s Torch”
     –私たちの地球のために– 」

☆Wishing World Peace☆ ←Click here
Thursday – August 5th
10:30 Registration National Convention Hall
11:00 Flag Ceremony Rehearsal
12:00 Doors open
12:30 To be Seated
12:50 Opening Music: Tsugaru Samisen Part1 / By Sho Asano
13:00 Opening Ceremony National Convention Hall
MC: ICM Hideyasu Tanimoto
Parade of Christian & Y’s Men’s Flag, Bible and Candle
Lighting Candle: IPE Fin Pedersen
Opening Bible: IP Hirotoshi Fujii
Declaration of Convention Opening: IPIP Kevin Cummings
Flag Ceremony / Roll Call: ISG Rolando Dalmas
Y’s Men Hymn
Welcome Address: ICCC Benson Wabule
Congratulatory Address:
・Mayor of Yokohama City Fumiko Hayashi
・Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs, Secretary General Kohei Yamada
Installation of IEOs / MC: PIP Toshiro Takeuchi
Announcement: Head Marshall: Mitsuo Oikawa
14:30 Intermission (Coffee) Marine Lobby
15:00 Key Note Speech National Convention Hall
MC / Introduction of Key Note Speaker: PAP Asia Akihiko Nara
Theme: “ From Our Hands, We Pass Nature’s Torch “
Speech by Ms. Junko Edahiro
16:10 Youth Proposition on Environmental Issue
16:25 Intermission
17:00 IPIP Night (Part 1) National Convention Hall
MC: AP (Canada) Martin Dand
Music: Tsugaru Samisen Part 2/ By Sho Asano (see page19)
IPIP Speech: Kevin Cummings
Ballantyne & Elmer Crowe Award
Introduction of BF Delegates
18:00 Free Time
18:30 Cash Bar Exhibition Hall B
19:00 IPIP Night (Part 2) Exhibition Hall B
“Japanese Summer Festival” ← click here
MC: ICM Hideyasu Tanimoto
Grace: ICM Elfie Musil
Toast: IPIP Kevin Cummings
Japanese Festival Dances (Bon Odori): Box dinner,
Food and Game Stalls, Shops by Clubs, Kimono Service
by Menettes etc.
21:30 Evening Prayer: ICM Koo Jung-Mo

Friday – August 6th
8:30 Time of Meditation Marine Lobby
MC: HC Kazuyoshi Aoki
9:00 Devotion National Convention Hall
MC & Message: ICM jimmy Liu
9:25 Message: MC:PICM Teiichiro Yoshimoto
Shigeru Shimada, Secretary General, The National Council of YMCAs in Japan
9:30 ISG Report National Convention Hall
ISG Rolando Dalmas
9:30 Menettes Program Conference Center
(9:30~11:45) MC: HC Kumiko Nishimura
10:30 Intermission
10:45 General Forum National Convention Hall
MC: ICC AP Africa Femi Oduntan
HIV/AIDS Project Summary
Roll Back Malaria Summary & Plan
12:00 Time of Peace National Convention Hall
MC: ICM Asia Hideyasu Tanimoto
Parade of Oriduru Mikoshi
"I Pray'' (DVD Presentation of the Musical performed
by the children of Hiroshima)
Message: Mayor of Hiroshima City (Video)
12:30 Lunch: Lunch box will be provided.
For some excursions, to be taken into the buses.
13:00 Excursion (5courses)
17:00 Buses return
Free time (~19:00)
18:30 Cash Bar Exhibition Hall B
19:00 IPE Night Exhibition Hall B
MC: ICC AP Europe Mrs. Marit Torp
Japanese Dance “Tsu-ru”
HANAYAGI-RYU Reimisa Hanayagi (Dancer )
Introduction of Head Table: IPE Finn Pedersen
Grace: ICM Wichian Boonmapajorn
IPE Speech: Fin Pedersen
Dinner: Seated buffet (with seating plan)
Entertainment: MC HC Takao Nishimura
Area performances (by each Area)
Gala Concert (by volunteer Y's Men & Menettes,
Gospel Song Group of Yokohama YMCA)
22:00 Evening prayer: ICM Isaac Palathinkal

Saturday – August 7th
9:00 Devotion National Convention Hall
MC & Message: PAP Sionedes dos Reis Uria
9:30 Intermission
9:40 General Forum National Convention Hall
MC: HC Takayuki Imajo
Theme: Environment
Coordinator: Ms. Jyunko Edahiro
Panelists: 1) PAP Colin Lambie 2) AP Philip Mathai
      3) PAP Peter Villadsen
      4) Japan-west PRSD Makiko Sugiura
11:20 Intermission
11:35 IBC Conclusion Ceremony Exhibition Hall B
MC: ISD-IBC Hiroyuki Tanaka
Lunch: Seated buffet ( without seating plan )
Grace: PAP Chon Byung-koo
12:45 Intermission
13:00 Forums 1 Conference Center
1) Partnership with YMCA: PICM/PAP Hiromi Nagao (Room333)
2) Extension: AP/ICM Phil Sammer (Room333)
3) Membership & Conservation: ICM Isaac Palathinkal (Room333)
4) Community Service: ISD CS/PAP Kinuthia Wamwangi (Room333)
5) Environment :PIP John Choa (Room333)
6) Menettes: ID Y's Menettes (Room333)
14:00 Intermission
14:15 Forums 2 Conference Center
Subjects is same in the above
14:15 Past International Presidents Meeting
MC: PIP Dale Fotheringham
15:15 Intermission (Coffee)
15:30 Area Meetings
17:30 Free Time
18:30 Cash Bar Exhibition Hall B
19:00 President Ball Exhibition Hall B
MC: ICM Wichian Boonmapajorn and Hiromi Nagao
Introduction of Head Table: By IP Hirotoshi Fujii
Grace: AP Asia Kazuhiko Takata
Dinner: Seated Dinner (with seating plan and service)
IP Speech: Hirotoshi Fujii
Introduction of IP Cabinet: By IP Hirotoshi Fujii
Introduction of PIPs: By IP Hirotoshi Fujii
Entertainment: Jazz Vocal, Jazz Band
Kyo Nishimura/The Dream Square Jazz Orchestra
Evening Prayer: PIP V.S. Bashir (At about 21:30 )
22:30 Announcement

Sunday – August 8th
9:00 Sunday Service National Convention Hall
MC: Planed and led by Youth
9:30 IYC Report
MC: Planed and led by Youth
10:15 Intermission (Coffee) Marine Lobby
10:35 Promotion of 70th IC: By Norway
MC: PICM Teiichiro Yoshimoto
10:50 Recognition of Retiring ISG
MC: AP Phil Sammer
Recognition Speech
・ISG Speech: Rolando Dalmas
・ISGE Speech: Takao Nishimura
11:10 Declaration for Environment
11:25 Closing ceremony National Convention Hall
MC: AP Phil Sammer
Closing Comments
・IP/HCC: Hirotoshi Fujii
・ICCC: Benson Wabule
Closing of Bible / Extinguishing Candle: IPE Finn Pedersen
Declaration of Convention Closed: IP Hirotoshi Fujii
Carrying Gavel, Bible, Flags and Candle out
・Gabel & Bible: IPE Finn Pedersen
・Christian Flag: IPIP Kevin Cummings
・Y's Men's Flag: IP Hirotoshi Fujii
・Candle: YI
Farewell Song : Auld Lang Syne
Announcement: Head Marshall: Mitsuo Oikawa
12:00 Light Snacks Marine Lobby

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